“I chose KC Driving School due to a recommendation and the fact that I thought the 2 hour lessons might be helpful, which they were. It really allows you to fully understand things, and not end the lesson feeling confused about something.

I would rate customer service very high. I was always contacted to ensure I knew when lessons were happening, and if I had any questions, the responses were quick. I felt like I was making progress every lesson, which was crucial in helping me to build the confidence I needed to take and pass the test.

My instructor Aden was a lot calmer and more patient with me overall, and was able to explain basic and advanced driving concepts in very simple terms, making it a lot easier for me.

I would recommend to friends due to the patient, calm style, people who don’t feel very confident and are on the fence about learning to drive they would excel under KC Driving School. I know this as I was one of them, and now feel fully confident in my driving ability.
I can’t think of anything that may need improving. I always knew what was going on with my appointments and payments, so there were no issues.

Overall, I have KC Driving School and Aden to thank for my pass. Having come to KC feeling apprehensive about driving, due to past experiences, I fully believe that if it was any other driving school, I would have struggled with passing in this amount of time, if at all.”

Joe Dowell, Nuneaton

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