“I asked around for local driving instructors and Keith was recommended by quite a few people. I looked on his website and he had really good reviews so I got in contact with him to ask about lessons and he seemed friendly and reasonable – even offered a money back guarantee if I didn’t want to learn to drive with him after my first lesson.
The customer service was excellent, he was very reliable, always on time, always did his best to fit me into his busy schedule. He always contacted me back the same day. He was really understanding fitting my lessons around my schedule while I was at Uni and working.
I would definitely recommend KC Driving School to others – I’ve already recommended him to people. Brilliant instructor, I was so nervous on my first lesson and he made me feel completely at ease. I never felt like I was put under any pressure, he has the patient of a saint. Keith was so easy going and easy to get on with and I can honestly say I enjoyed my lessons.
Every lesson with Keith had a purpose, he never wasted my time. Every lesson was tailored to suit my needs, if I had something I wanted to work on he would stop his plans for the lesson and make sure I was comfortable before we moved on. He is very good at knowing what you need to work on, and giving you time to perfect what ever it is that needs work. Keith is a very honest, supportive, likeable instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.”
Rhian Moore, Nuneaton

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Money Back Guarantee KC Driving School