Customer Reviews Nuneaton Tiffany Green

“I chose K C Driving because I’d heard about it from a friend and I visited the website which explained everything I needed to know. The prices were reasonable and all of the reviews for K C Driving were excellent. Keith was fantastic from start to finish. He believed in me when I didn’t and he was always happy to help with any problems I had. If I had any questions he would listen and give me the best advise possible. I was very nervous on my first lesson and Keith was fantastic, he helped with my nerves and my confidence grew in no time. On my test day Keith helped to keep me calm and stay confident. Keith was calm and knew what he was on about. He explained everything well and made sure I understood what he was teaching me. If I wasn’t ok with something (very rare) he would go back over it until I felt comfortable. I was never made to do anything I felt uncomfortable with which meant that I could learn things at my own pace. I would 100% recommend KC Driving to anyone who asked. The prices were reasonable and Keith helped me to learn to enjoy driving instead of seeing it as a task that I had to pass. He helped me to become more confident and I passed in no time. I’m glad I chose KC Driving as it made me realise that I can achieve anything once I start to believe in myself.¬†Thank you so much for all your help Keith. You were amazing :)”¬†Customer Reviews Nuneaton Tiffany Green

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money back guarantee

money back guarantee