A few Words From A Small Selection Of Tonys Students.

“I chose KC Driving because of the amazing reviews that people had left, and the pass rate was phenomenal.

Customer service was 10/10!

I have recommended KC Driving to all of my friends, its amazing and really helped with my confidence.

My driving instructor, Tony’s, methods were very clear and if I didn’t understand, we would go through it until I did.

He was always on time and never late!

I would really like to thank my driving instructor, he was very patient with me, making sure to go at my pace.

He made sure that my confidence was alway the best it could be, he also believed in me more than I did myself.”

Ella Grace Handley.

“I am glad I was with KC driving school, as Tony was a brilliant instructor.

He was patient, punctual, kept me well informed and explained everything in a way I understood.

I always found him to be very friendly and help me relax and I was able to pass my test sooner than I was expecting.

Would highly recommend!”

Mitch Hayward.

“I chose KC driving because of the reviews and the precise commentary, so I wasn’t confused with booking it.

Keith was really kind as well and helped me with customer service which was 10/10.

I would definitely recommend KC Driving because all the work is pretty much done for you, you also get reminders 2 days prior so you don’t have to stress about remembering the date and time.

My instructors techniques were very simple, effective and it definitely helped my anxiety to the point I didn’t even have any in the car with my instructor because he would reassure you loads.

My instructor would genuinely keep a conversation going for ages but it would make you feel really comfortable and he’s just funny, so it would keep your mind off any stresses on my mind.”

Katie Clarke.