CORONOVIRUS UPDATE. (June 1st) We take the safety of our driving instructors and you, our customers extremely seriously. We are adhering to the government advice and guidelines on when we can start to commence lessons once again. We are receiving numerous requests from both our current customers and new enquiries regarding lessons and we are aware that some instructors and driving schools have commenced with lessons in contravention to the government’s strict Covid 19 criteria. Our view is that this practice is both highly irresponsible and that it could contribute to a second spike to the detriment of all of us. We hope to begin taking bookings again some time in June and commence with lessons from the 6th July, however we are still waiting for the government to confirm this date. (We will update here immediately we have confirmation) You are most welcome to Email or Message to make contact and we will offer you FREE access to Theory Test Pro so you are able to practice for your Theory Test and be ready as soon as practical lessons commence once again. Keith Caunter

“I chose KC Driving School after having a bad experience with a previous instructor and was so close to my exam date that I needed a couple more lessons and a car to use for the actual test.

KC Driving School were immediately on hand to help me and so they assigned me to Lea. Initial customer service was a 10/10. I was told and made aware of all the terms and conditions about late cancellations etc, I was also explained the difference between a petrol and and diesel car – this was my first time driving a petrol – and away we went on my first lesson. I would describe the experience as professional and informative.

Compared to my previous driving school, KC were by far the best. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have passed my test if i hadn’t made the change to Kc driving School.

I would recommend KC Driving School to everyone 100%. The level of information I received was a massive help but also a reality check of how much time I had wasted with my previous driving school. Without Kc driving I would have probably had to cancel my test but if I had taken it I would have probably failed it. Thank you KC Driving School for all of your help!!”

Megan Cox, Bedworth.

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Catherine is our customer services staff and she will be delighted to answer your questions, listen to your requirements and check lesson availability in the Bedworth area.


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The Main Reason I chose Kelvin White Driving School

“I was very nervous with the thought of learning to drive having never had any lessons prior.

My instructor Lea was absolutely brilliant. Lea was very friendly and welcoming which put me at complete ease from the very start. I felt comfortable and relaxed with him. Lea was very supportive and reassuring. I was able to learn at my own pace which gave me confidence. Lea was very patient and understanding. I was very happy with the progress I was making on each lesson. Lea was very organised and reliable always arriving on time for my lessons. Lea was also flexible which enabled me to fit my lessons in around my work commitments. I have had a great learning experience enjoying every single lesson. Lea fully prepared me for my driving test.

I would highly recommend Lea. Thank you for teaching me to drive and helping me pass my test first time.”

Kylie Hammerton, Bedworth.

“The website promised a money back guarantee and, after having a bad experience prior to this, this made me more trusting.

It shows that Keith is confident enough in his ability to teach that he is willing to offer a free trial of sorts. The customer service was great from the first phone call. Keith was easy to talk to, empathetic and understanding. Keith also tried his best to be flexible with lessons. I had been taught by two other schools previously, but only KC driving school got me to test stage where I passed first time with only one minor; that says a lot about Keith’s teaching!

My previous school turned Driving into a horrible experience for me, but KC driving school changed that. Keith is an honest and very skilled instructor. There is nothing I would have changed regarding my learning experience.”

Courtney Lucas, Bedworth.

Customer Feedback When Asked Why They Chose K C Driving School

Top 10 Reasons. (From 532 Reviews.)

  • 82 – High 1st Time Pass Rate
  • 65 – Try Us and See Deal
  • 48 – Customer Reviews
  • 47 – Recommendations
  • 45 – Local Reputation
  • 34 – Quality of Teaching
  • 32 – Patience of Instructors
  • 29 – Friendliness of Instructors
  • 20 – Local Company
  • 14 – Feeling comfortable and at ease
  • KC Driving School have been offering driving lessons in Bedworth since 2001 and have built a solid reputation for customer success.

    Our local driving instructors operating in the Bedworth area have all been CRB checked for your safety. The driving tuition we offer is client centred, that means we don’t simply tell you what you are going to do but discuss with you a plan of action that you are comfortable with. A good example of this would be: We might suggest that it’s time to tackle the subject of roundabouts but you may not feel ready and prefer to tackle an alternative subject first, so that’s what we would do.

    One of our biggest challenges when attracting new students that are learning to drive is that many believe that all driving instructors are the same and I can assure you this is definitely not the case. Why do driving lesson prices in Bedworth vary so much when you can pay as low as £9.99 right up to £30.00 plus?

    There are different grades and standards of driving instructors, some instructors take no further development training from the day they qualify where others are continually taking courses and training to keep at the forefront of modern teaching and coaching.

    Does this matter to you? YES, because it will reflect on the value you receive from your lessons. The popular and very true saying is: “Beware the hidden cost of cheap”. A well trained instructor offering driving lessons in Bedworth will enable you to learn much faster and not only get you to your practical driving test much sooner but save you a fortune on the way.

    Driving Schools that charge a premium lesson rate are very confident in the quality of customer service and tuition they provide, where an individual instructors working on his/her own may charge a very low lesson rate because they lack recent training and confidence in the service they offer. The question to ask, is why would any driving instructor undersell themselves and offer the cheapest driving lessons in Bedworth?

    I mentioned above that KC Driving School have been able to build a very reputable reputation for driving lessons Bedworth by providing customer centred lessons with a strong mission statement of customer success. We rely enormously on recommendations to keep our team of Bedworth instructors busy and are extremely grateful to our Bedworth customers for the customer reviews they provide. Talk is cheap and we now live in a customer review society where it is so easy to gain an independent view of a Driving School before deciding who to trust with your tuition.

    Should you wish to check out our individual driving instructors and read what their customers have to say about them, then please visit the “Meet the Team in Bedworth” page.

    I would like to wish you every success in your quest to obtain your full driving licence whether you choose KC Driving School as your training provider or one of our competitors.

    Warm Regards.


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