Customer Reviews Nuneaton Niamh Ford

“I chose KC driving after being recommended by my sister. I also knew other people who chose KC driving, all who had a great learning experiences. I would rate customer service as excellent.  Learning to drive was a nerve racking, scary concept and I never thought I would pass my test. Keith had a lot more hope in me than I had in myself. Keith is very supportive and will never give up on you. KC driving school was my first and only choice so I never experienced any other school. I always felt at ease, and didn’t feel stupid or embarrassed for any mistakes I made throughout learning to drive. Keith always ensures you’re comfortable with the situation. When learning manoeuvres, Keith gave me the option of how I wanted to learn and this meant I could adapt the way I wanted to. Keith is so willing to help and any questions I had he would answer in a clear way which didn’t becoming confusing. nothing could have been improved.” Niamh Ford, Nuneaton Customer Reviews Nuneaton Niamh Ford

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